Our Fee Structure

We are a Full Bulk Billing Medcial Practice 

Please also indicate if you need a longer appointment with the doctor for a full check-up, pap smear, insurance medical, counselling, surgical procedures or full skin examinations.

For an Insertion of an Implanon for Contraception, the Doctor will write a prescription for collection from the Pharmacy and an appointment made for the insertion and all fees will be quoted at the time of the making of the appointment.

Commercial Drivers Licences, Pre-employment Medicals and all Insurance Paperwork will all attract a Private Fee. These fees can be quoted by calling the Practice.

OSHC- Overseas Student will be directly bill the private health fund.

All Workcover Claims are billed directly to the appropriate Insurer.

We have put together some information that we believe may be helpful for you prior to your appointment.

We have a very experienced team of receptionists, nurses and Practitioners that all are an integral part of our Team at the Practice.

Prior to your appointment with your requested Practitioner you will asked to spend around 10-15 minutes with one of Nurses so that any of your Past and Present Medical History can be documented plus all the normal observations such as height, weight and blood pressure.

Your initial visit with the Doctor will be quite lengthy with gathering of your health information and the reason for your visit. 

Information if you been referred to our Practice by a Naturopath.

You may be asked to have blood tests that are a bit different if you have been referred to our Practice by a Naturopath.

It will be explained at the time of your initial conversation with one of our staff, that some of

the tests that you may be requesting, are not covered by Medicare and any such fees will need to be paid directly to the Pathology Company by yourself.

You may have been referred to our Practice by a Naturopath and the reason for this is that if a Naturopath requests blood tests they are very costly and not covered by Medicare.

Therefore, when a General Practitioner requests bloods it is the responsibility of that Practitioner to advise the patient of any such results. 

This means that a return visit is an absolute necessity for the results be discussed.  These return visits for any results is usually Bulk Billed but this at the discretion of the Practitioner.

A copy of these results will then be given to you be taken to the Naturopath at the time of the visit with the General Practitioner. 

A copy of these results organised by a General Practitioner cannot be directly sent to a Naturopath.

If you wish the Naturopath to get blood results directly then we advise that you/the patient, ask the Naturopath to order and you/the patient will have to be responsible for the cost.

Treatment is individually based on your conditions and results and each patient is advised of the best course of Treatment for specific needs.

If a test called “Pyrrole Test” is requested, then please note that no Zinc or any B6 supplements are to be taken for 3 days prior to this test.  

We hope that this information has helped with your initial enquiries regarding your visit to our Practice.

Our Allied Staff have varying prices for their consultations and these can be given over the telephone by one of our experienced Receptionists.


As our all our Practitioners are very popular we have implemented a cancellation policy whereby more than 24hrs notice is needed to avoid a cancellation fee. This then allows us to offer your spot to another patient on our Cancellation List.

Please Note We Have Moved

Our new address is 154 Varsity Parade Varsity Lakes
We will have the same phone number, same great doctors, same great staff, just a bigger, better brand new clinic