All our Doctors are of the highest qualifications and are totally committed to their overall patient care.

We offer all General Medicine consultations and services.

Our Establishment

We are a family owned General Practice in Varsity Lakes and believe we are unique.


We do run by an appointment system to alleviate any excess waiting times. However emergencies do happen and sometimes this can cause undue stress to the patients that have a scheduled appointment. Emergency patients will be prioritised by our nurses upon presentation and then according to the circumstances the doctors will be advised accordingly. Walk in patients will always be seen and our friendly reception staff will advise of the waiting time for a fit in appointment. Due to unforeseen circumstances delays may occur and your patience would be appreciated if this does occur before your scheduled appointment. Our practice policy is, if it is possible that we know prior to a patient’s scheduled appointment that we are running late, we would always try and contact the next patient to advise them that the doctor they are scheduled to see is running late as a courtesy.


If for any reason you are unable to attend to any scheduled appointment, please telephone the practice on 5575 8155.

If possible please give us a reasonable amount of notice of any cancellation.

Reminder Systems

The Varsity Lakes Family Practice is committed to preventative care and we participate in the National Territory State reminder systems.

We offer a comprehensive reminder system for pap smears, immunisations, blood test results and all chronic disease management and health preventative services which are appropriate for your healthcare.

If you do not wish to participate, please advise our reception staff or indicate in the appropriate section of our new patient information form upon registering with our practice. .

If you do not wish to participate please advise our reception staff or indicate in the appropriate section of our new patient information form upon registering with our practice.

Test Results

Any test that your Doctor has requested you to have does require you to make a follow-up appointment for you to be advised of your results. These appointments may be bulk billed, depending on the extent of these results and any further investigations that may be required. This is at the discretion of your Doctor! On some occasions your Doctor may feel that it is permissible to relay your results over the telephone and your Doctor will advise you to telephone the rooms for any such results. .

Your Doctor will document in your notes if this is the way in which you may be told your results.

Each instance is at your Doctor’s discretion!


In some instances, upon request, your Doctor may write a prescription without you being present in the rooms.

This is not in the interest of best practice medicine but we know that sometimes circumstances present that you may have run out of your regular medication, you may have irregular working hours or just can’t get into see your Doctor.

Our practice is aware that all of the above and more can sometimes be factors that happen and if this does happen and you have seen your regular Doctor in the last 4-6 weeks and the requested medication is not an S8 medication or for a chronic illness then the receptionist will ask the Doctor if they will write the repeat prescription without an appointment but it will be at their discretion.

Repeat Prescriptions and Referrals

Your regular Doctor would prefer to discuss with you your condition before referring you to a Specialist even if it is for an ongoing medical condition. If you have previously seen a particular Specialist for an ongoing problem and require a repeat referral and you cannot get in to see your regular Doctor, please advise our receptionist.

It is at your Doctor’s discretion if a repeat referral is written without a consultation.


We are Bulk Billing Medcial Pratcice

We are a Bulk Billing is available for all patients with a current Medicare Card.

Workers’ Compensation consultations will be directly billed to Workcover via the practice and upon receipt of a claim number being issued then you need to advise the practice immediately otherwise you may be liable for the costs of any ongoing consultations.

Home Visits

Home Visits can be arranged if you are a regular patient of the Varsity Lakes Family Practice. We do ask if possible that a reasonable amount of notice can be given for any patient that may be too sick to attend the practice.

Your Doctor will be advised of the request for a home visit and depending upon the availability of your Doctor for this request you will be notified as soon as possible if your requested Doctor can make this home visit or if another Doctor from the practice can visit and at what time.

This home visit will incur a fee which is time based by the Medicare MBS schedule guidelines and this will be decided by the Doctor at the time of the visit.

The After Hours fee for a Home Visit by your regular Doctor from this practice is $250.00 and this will attract a Medicare rebate and again this is a timed based visit so depending upon the time this may only attract a small Medicare rebate.

It is desired by the Practice that this fee would be paid at the time of the visit, but we understand that circumstances for these types of visits may not always allow for that to happen, so an account would be sent from the practice for payment. .

Interpreter Services

The Varsity lakes Family Practice is registered with: The National Relay Services (NRS)

For all our patients with a hearing/communication impairment. Phone: 133 677

Translating and Interpreting Services (TIS National)

For all our patients who speak languages other than English and require the services of an interpreter. Phone: 131 450

Natural Supplements

Several of our GP’s recommend at times natural supplements that may help with the overall balance and wellbeing of your medical condition.

We have fact sheets on all these products and they are Practitioner only supplements not available for purchase in any other stores.

Overseas Students-OHSC

Our Practice welcomes all overseas students that may be studying at the nearby Bond University or any other particular educational body.

We Bulk Bill any such consults so that you, the student/s are not out of pocket financially.

We do ask that you present your particular Insurance details ie: Allianz, AHM, Bupa or Medibank Private information so that we can bill your particular insurance company and have your claim no and expiry date details.

Close the Gap Pharmaceutical Program

Our Practice welcomes all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People and we pride our Practice on being a multicultural Practice.

We offer all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People the opportunity to register with the Department of Human Services to participate in “Close The Gap Program”.

We have a factsheet at reception that thoroughly explains this program and what is needed to do to participate.

Please feel free to receive one of these information brochures.

Student Education

From time to time, medical and nursing students may be attached to the practice. Reception staff will always request your agreement to the involvement of a student in a consultation. Please feel comfortable in saying ‘no’ to this request.

My Health Record

My Health Record is a secure online summary of health information.

Our Reception Staff can assist with the registration and then your Doctor can upload a Health Summary from your records to your “MY HEALTH RECORD”

For further information visit:


Patient Feedback

At the Varsity Lakes Family Practice, we invite our patients to complete a patient survey on their experience with our practice.

If you have any questions or concerns about the way our doctors and staff are handling your privacy or you feel the need to access your information, please speak to one of our staff or to your Doctor


We have located on our front reception desk a suggestion box and form if you would like to fill in this form and not relay your details but make a suggestion our practice is more than happy to review any such suggestions for the continuous quality improvement of our practice.

If you feel that you are unable to resolve the issue with the Practice then you can contact the:

Office of the Health Ombudsman

P.O. Box 13281 George Street Brisbane Qld 4003

Phone: 133646

Email: [email protected]

Privacy Policy

Our practice has developed a policy to protect your privacy in compliance with privacy legislation. Our policy is to inform you:

- That we need you consent to collect information about you.
- What personal information is being collected.
- Who is collecting your personal information.
- How your personal information is being used.
- To whom your personal information is being disclosed.
- That you may discuss any concerns you have about how we handle your information.

If you feel that you are unable to resolve the issue with the Practice then you can contact the:

Privacy Commissioner Health Rights Commission

GPO Box 3809 Brisbane Qld 4001

PH: 1300 363 992


Practice Privacy Policy

Please Note We Have Moved

Our new address is 154 Varsity Parade Varsity Lakes
We will have the same phone number, same great doctors, same great staff, just a bigger, better brand new clinic